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Swiss Highland Sloe Gin

This handcrafted premium Sloe Gin is based on the family’s Dry Gin recipe created by Robert Studer in 1888. It is produced in small batches from wild-growing, hand-picked sloe berries and water from our own spring.
Enjoy Studer’s Sloe Gin pure and chilled or on the rocks with tonic water and a little zest. Cheers!




KindSloe gin (sloe liqueur), 26.6% vol
Serving temperature5-10°C
AwardsGold (ISW), Silver (Distisuisse)
CharacteristicsFine spice with aromas of juniper, blackthorn and other spices
Distillation systemHarbor fire, discontinuous
RecommendationChilled and pure. As a gin & tonic. All kinds of drinks and cocktails
Content200ml – 700ml
Production methodDouble distillation, steam distillery
StorageSteel tank
Product originSwitzerland