Swiss Highland naturally ONI Gin (alcohol-free)

The Swiss Highland naturally ONI is the alcohol-free gin experience from Studer. As it says on the bottle, ‘naturally ONI’ refers not only to no alcohol but also no preservatives. We don’t like adding things that aren’t natural, which is why we pasteurise ONI instead. With the same ingredients as the Highland Dry, the ONI is a grown-up non-alcoholic drink for those wanting to enjoy an alternative to alcoholic Gin. Perfect in a G&T or other cocktails.

Recommendation Chilled and pure. As a gin & tonic. All kinds of drinks and cocktails
Content 500ml
Product origin Switzerland
Volume 0%


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Swiss Highland naturally ONI Gin (alcohol-free) Recipes

Ricky ONI

Ricky ONI

A drink that contains no sugar, no artificial taste, no alcohol! Try the Ricky ONI – an alcohol-free, healthy and crisp refreshment with full citrus flavour. 60ml Swiss Highland naturally ONI 60ml carbonated mineral water Lime juice Fill a long drink glass to the brim...

ONI & Not It

ONI & Not It

Our “ONI & Not It” is based on an old traditional aperitif cocktail “Gin & It”. “It” originally stood for “Italy”, as red vermouth was invented in Italy. However, we recommend non-alcoholic bitter aperitifs for this drink, hence we named it “ONI & Not It”. 40ml Swiss...


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