The rise of non-alcoholic spirits

Jan 7, 2023

Studer Swiss Highland ONI

From non-alcoholic spirits to non-alcoholic beers and wines, the range of non-alcoholic drinks has exploded over the last few years.

Strolling through the supermarket’s aisles, you may have noticed the vast choice of products, particularly when stopping in the drinks section. The range of non-alcoholic drinks has exploded over the last few years – from non-alcoholic beers, stouts and IPAs to non-alcoholic red, white or rosé wines, sparkling wines and even spirits.

Dry January, designated driver or simply a matter of choice.

Whatever the reason for the interest in and consumption of non-alcohol drinks is, be it driven by a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. Cutting back on alcohol consumption in general, or simply inspired by a taste for grown-up ‘soft’ drinks, there’s no question about the drinks industry experiencing a non-alcoholic revolution.

Waitrose’s Food and Drink Report.

Waitrose, for example, has shown proof for a demand of non-alcoholic drinks in its Food and Drink Report 2021*, noting that searches for alcohol-free drinks continue to increase by 22% year-on-year. Its 2022/23 Report** confirms the trend yet again:

This trend for moderation is becoming the norm in social occasions too, with the rise in popularity of no or low-alcohol spirits, wine and beer. While the younger 18-24 crowd seem to be spearheading the trend at 45%, there are signs that it is filtering up to the 25-34 and 35-44 age groups too, with 33% and 31%, respectively admitting they had bought no or low.

The knock-on effect of consumers opting for non-alcohol drinks has meant a whole new segment of high-quality, well-crafted, and complex-tasting ‘soft’ drinks – designed for adult taste buds – has landed on supermarket shelves and, indeed, in bars and restaurants. Naturally, this has not escaped the attention of the Swiss distillery Studer.

Studer’s range of non-alcoholic spirits.

Back in 2020, they developed a non-alcoholic gin, the first in a series of alcohol-free spirits. The family-owned distillery has constantly innovated and passionately created some of the finest spirits since 1883. With the Swiss Highland naturally ONI, Studer has ventured into this new sector, further expanding its exciting product range. Crafted like their alcoholic spirits, with the same passion and attention to detail, Studer’s ONI (oni is Swiss for ‘without’) is not flavoured water; this is properly distilled, just without alcohol and despite this – without preservatives. The non-alcoholic gin boasts classic juniper and citrus notes and is enjoyed just like an alcoholic gin.

So, whether you opt for the classic G&T or a London Mule with Studer’s ONI, you’ll be certain to drive back home safely without being hungover the next morning.

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