Not quite ONI!

Jun 15, 2023

Not Quite ONI!

Studer’s esteemed range of premium spirits is expanding with a new low-alcohol Gin!

For those familiar with Studer’s naturally ONI 0.0% vol., the headline will make sense, but for those who aren’t, here is the explanation. ‘ONI’ is Swiss for ‘without’.
Of course, what we refer to as being without is the alcohol content.

Most spirits are quite strong in alcohol content. For example, our Swiss Highland Dry Gin has an alcohol content of 42.4% vol.. So, when you drink a double G&T, that means you are consuming roughly two units of alcohol.

The success of Studer’s naturally ONI 0.0% vol. has shown us that people love the taste of a G&T and sometimes favour it with no or less alcohol.
After all, sometimes less is more.

So, this has led us to create a low version of our Gin with an alcohol content of 18.83% vol. – aptly inspired by Studer’s birth year 1883 and in celebration of Studer’s 140th anniversary.

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Cheers to Studer and 140 years of premium spirits!