Four generations, one roof

Sep 20, 2023

All Under One Roof

Living and working together presents its own set of challenges.

While the extended family model may seem to be fading elsewhere, it thrives vibrantly within the Studer family. Four generations are currently living together in the mansion that’s also home to Studer’s distillery.

Living and working under one roof, however, can sometimes be challenging. Despite this, community life has always been integral to the Studer family – like the art of distilling schnapps.

What the four brothers Robert, Gottfried, Hans and Josef once started in 1883 has been passed on from generation to generation: a legacy of passion, skill and craft of distilling. And as the quality has never been compromised, Studer’s premium spirits are celebrated not only in Switzerland but also internationally.

Multi-generation households, a rarity in modern times, are regaining significance, particularly in rural areas. Sometimes for cost reasons, sometimes for practical reasons. Or, in Studer’s case, it’s not just about tradition; it’s a way of life. While the proximity of family brings joy, it also presents challenges when four generations share living and working spaces.

In the past, subordination within a large family was the norm, with personal needs often set aside for the greater family good. Today, however, with individuals valuing their freedom and independence, emotional friction can arise in multi-generation households.

Ivano Friedli, head of the family, emphasizes that the coexistence of numerous family members demands a high level of adaptability and social skills from everyone involved. Yet, the value of shared meals around a table, where generations exchange stories and support one another, is immeasurable. For the great-grandmother, being close to her great-grandchildren and witnessing their growth is a precious gift.

In Studer’s household, where family, production, sales, and the shop operate side by side, clear rules are essential. Established conventions, observed especially in challenging times, and agreed upon in times of calm, prove more effective. This steadfast approach, according to the patron, has always been the key to success and should remain so in the future. After all, what works well does not have to be changed.